The Memorial

Aerial View of Memorial

The memorial will be located on Redway Plain which is at the corner of Winthrop St. (Rt. 44) and Bay State Rd. This is an aerial view of the memorial on Redway Plain. In the 1700’s, this same field was the training ground for the Rehoboth Militia. Current plans show that it will occupy roughly 4.5% of the field as shown in the picture.

Aerial Shot

Memorial Description

The current architect renderings features a 24 foot diameter gazebo made of Western Red Cedar.

  There will be a parking area located off Pond St. as well as a walkway leading to the memorial. The memorial will be white in color and fully handicapped accessible from the Pond St. area.

Parking Lot

It will feature a half moon paver walkway recognizing all of America’s conflicts to present.


Front of Memorial


Inside of Gazebo


Side Profile of Gazebo

Side Profile


The Committee would like to thank for the donation of

services and creation of the renderings seen above.